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Yatch Infotech provides UGC/DEC/NAAC approved diploma and PG diploma in fire safety course, diploma and PG Diploma in Industrial Safety course, diploma in Occupational Health & Safety,BBA/MBA in fire and Industrial Safety courses in Delhi/NCR and is affiliated to EIILM university,Shobhit University and Karnataka State Open University.

From designing Fire Safety plans to investigating arson fires, there are a number of options available to those interested in a Fire Safety career . Fire Safety deals with the prevention of fires and the safeguarding of human lives, property and artifacts against fire damage and loss. The following list contains a few of the most popular careers in Fire Safety:

The safety courses are designed specifically to suit the growing demand in below profiles..


Fire Safety engineer

Fire Safety engineers, also known as fire protection engineers, design systems for preventing and controlling fires. They might typically be involved in the creation of smoke alarm systems, fire alarm systems or sprinkler systems. Fire Safety engineers study fire behavior and how fires impact many types of buildings. They might also work on building designs with architects, contractors and building officials.

Fire Safety inspector

A Fire Safety inspector often works for federal or state agencies. Fire Safety inspectors conduct inspections on many types of public and commercial buildings to ensure compliance with Fire Safety codes and regulations. Fire Safety inspectors might also conduct inspections on large residential housing complexes.
Fire Safety director
Some cities require that a Fire Safety director work in large facilities, such as hotels or high-rise office buildings. A Fire Safety director creates Fire Safety plans. The duties of a Fire Safety director include creating evacuation routes, implementing fire notification processes and conducting training programs and drills.

Fire investigator

Some who choose to study Fire Safety might pursue a career as a fire or arson investigator. These individuals are familiar with building construction and Fire Safety systems. Fire investigators determine the causes of a fire, why Fire Safety plans might have failed and how to make improvements in the future.

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