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Why Should i choose Yatch Infotech?

Yatch Infotech has been imparting quality, government approved university courses since 2005. It is one of the premier institute which has been providing diploma as well as PG diploma in Fire Safety courses ,Industrial safety courses in Delhi since a long time. Its vast knowledge in this field has helped many students in shaping their dreams.It has a strong alumni base of over 5000 students working in India as well as in Gulf.


1. How can I register for a fire and safety course or any other course?

  • Registering for a fire and safety course or any other courses is very easy by 3 ways :By phone -just give us a call on 01124526399 or 09818085925 and one of our advisers will be  happy to help you with the booking
  • By post - send us the completed application form (available online) with payment by making Demand Draft in Favor of YATCH INFOTECH payable at New Delhi
  • By hand -Any friend or relative also can visit our center to book your seat in advance

2. How can I pay for the course?


Payment can be made either by Cash or by making Demand Draft in Favor of YATCH INFOTECH payable at New Delhi.A proper receipt will be given to the student.

3. Can I pay for my course by installments?

As such there is no installments system from University but we understand our candidate's problems so we have a provision of 2 Installments of Total fee in a time duration of 2 month from enrollment date allowed, alternatively call us and one of our advisers will answer all your questions.

4. Once I've enrolled, can I still cancel my registration?

No , Registration cancellation is not possible as University do not permit us to do so.

5. Is Yatch Infotech courses accredited / approved by government of India?


6. Can I take my assessments if I'm abroad and how much will it cost me?

For students outside the INDIA they have to come once for University Examination in India. But for Enrollment they can send any of their relative or friend after having a conversation with our admission counselor.

7. What happens if I fall behind in my studies?

YATCH INFOTECH allow you to defer your chosen examination to the next available exam sitting i.e after 6 months provided it's your first deferral and you notify us at least 02 months before your examination. This ensures that if something crops up in your work or home life, you can restructure your studies accordingly.

8. Can I upgrade my course?

You can upgrade your PMU Distance Learning Courses. Our blended learning programmes provide valuable additional face-to-face tutorial support for our students. Our expert tutors assist you with invaluable advice and expert teaching and help to clarify the key learning points. Attending the workshops also gives you the opportunity to interact with your fellow students.

9. How can YATCH INFOTECH help me prepare for my exams?


To help you receive the best possible preparation for the exam, we provide a wide range of revision tools so you can choose the one most suitable for you. Traditional revision and reference aids are available to buy but our experts have also developed revolutionary packages that include face-to-face revision workshops, online interactive activities and webinars so you can blend them according to your own particular learning preferences and needs. To find out more about the packages available call one of our Customer Advisers on +91 9818085925 or 011-24526399

10. For any other Doubts?

For any other doubts or clarifications feel free to call us at 011-24526399, +91-9818085925 or email us at or

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