Fire | Safety | Security : The Future Ahead

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Until recently, fire and safety was something that was placed on the back-burner for many organizations. Most of the time was spent on mitigating risks after an accident had occurred rather than detecting or preventing them. In the past decade, however, there has been a huge shift towards how

safety is viewed within enterprises. Many enterprises today are adopting a prevention-based approach and laying emphasis on identifying and addressing issues before someone gets hurt.

In fact, fire and safety preparedness of a company is now being related to its brand image. Further, business continuity and an always-on environment are a requirement for today’s businesses. As fire and safety incidents are major business disruptors, companies are taking proactive approach towards addressing safety issues. Being complaint to international standards is another reason that is driving this change in approach towards security.

More and more companies are focusing on employee training and education by organizing fire and safety workshops for employees, including contractual workers. Apart from fire and safety, organizations are also putting immense thrust on physical plant and facility security. They are actively evaluating advanced products and technologies to meet their safety criteria and objectives.

India’s economic growth, rapid industrialization, as well as growing commercial sector and real estate industry is further fuelling the demand for fire and safety equipment. According to the findings of TechSci Research, the country’s fire & safety equipment market has a strong growth potential and market revenues are expected to reach to about $4.94 billion by 2019.

To keep pace with the growing demand, the fire, safety and security industry is evolving rapidly and offering innovative products. Industrial Safety Review analyses the key trends and innovations emerging in the fire, safety and security segment and the future growth prospects.

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